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The Radiance of Love

March 4, 2011

As I listen to the sound of the rain dripping from the leaves, running off the roofs, trickling into the sewers, and seeping into the earth, I feel nothing but love and compassion for every soul in the universe.

As I hear the wind flowing like a fierce fire, inspiring benevolent life and spirit that pulsates through the energy of the universe, I envision all fear and suffering dissipating.

As I look out into the streets and see the lights of civilization, I place its burden on my shoulders and stand strong against all injustice, and let the light that illuminates within me devour all darkness, replacing it with healing light.

Let the power of love set my people free, and let us rejoice under the sun in harmony for the rest of eternity.


The State of Now

February 23, 2011

Mammal I am,
To care I plan.
Love of thee,
Care of she.

In the end,
I will defend,
My right to say,
My path of way.

Blood runs through veins.
No gain without pain.
So meaningful in ink,
Real gold’s color is pink.

Although she may rule,
I make no fool,
Because I am me,
And she is she.

Through thick and thin,
Comes the hardship within.
To myself I stay true,
To my soul I rendezvous.

A sickening thought,
How we’ve fought and fought.
My shields I shed,
The worth is measured in lead.

I have no more
Fields surrounding my core.
For I dread
The times ahead.

Being without you
And the known few,
Who know what it is
To truly be alone
Without a friend or foe.
No one to say yes,
No one to say no.

The system’s message to Man:
Don’t figure out the plan!
Because it’s meant to be learned,
Not to be turned
Into a reasonable idea.
Go shop at IKEA!

The devil’s mind
To shrink and grind
Man’s admiration
And motivation.

A Bedtime Affirmation

December 7, 2010

We are the radiant energy that heals the wounded,
We are the shining star that leads lost souls.
We are the bright sun that illuminates the darkest alley,
We are the spark that creates new from old.

Politically Correct

December 5, 2010

When I think of nature, I see beauty.
When I see nature, I think of ignorance.

When I think of learning, I see fascination.
When I see learning, I think of boredom.

When I think of adventure, I see exploration.
When I see adventure, I think of escape.

When I think of competition, I see brotherhood.
When I see competition, I think of ego.

When I think of people, I see community.
When I see people, I think of loneliness.

When I think of sovereignty, I think of mindfulness.
When I see sovereignty, I think of control.

When I think of freedom, I see compassion.
When I see freedom, I think of illusion.

When I think of love, I see kindness.
When I see love, I think of selfishness.


December 3, 2010

May our cups overflow, and our moods be merry.
May our appetites be satisfied, and our heads be hairy.
May our freedom be granted, and our minds awakened.
May love conquer all, and pain and suffering forsaken.

This Lonely Planet Earth

November 17, 2010

The astronaut in the sky reminisces his life,
Thinking back to times with his wife.
Gazing into her eyes, so bright and blue,
Their vows last forever, righteous and true.
A contract to take away his love and lust,
Only to replace it with silence and dust.
In space, no time can pass,
There’s only loneliness, which will always last.
He learns now that he’s free to roam,
All that matters is back at home.

Light Workers

November 17, 2010

At night a boy lies awake in bed,
Staring at little flashing lights up ahead.
He thinks about how tired those little lights must be,
Always working so hard, even past three.
And before his mind drifts off to play,
He invites his little friends to stay.
And when they give no reply,
He does not worry, question, or cry.
For he knows that as long as love is what he sends,
Those little lights will keep on flickering,
Even until the end.

The Man Who Never Lived

November 17, 2010

He was going to get a life,
But he decided to sleep instead.
He was going to find love,
But he decided to sleep instead.
He was going to change the world,
But he decided to sleep instead.
He was going to rest his mind,
But he lied awake instead.

The Red Fox

November 16, 2010

Through the oak trees and blades of grass,
A red fox quickly made his pass.
Dashing fearlessly with grace and skill,
He came upon the top of a hill.
What changed his pace was what he found,
Another red fox lying dead on the ground.
Caught in a bear trap, its fate was sealed,
The time had come, the end was revealed.
The red fox began to move again after one hour,
But this time, he thought, he would stop to smell the flowers.

And Then He Saw Her

July 9, 2010

When he saw her again for the first time in two years, all of the same emotions arose within an instant. The eye contact, the gentle touching, the flipping of her hair – he could read all of her signs, but he remained indifferent. Later that night, after they made love, he knew that this would be their last time together. Savoring the moment for what it was, he thanked her in his heart for blessing him with her love and passion, and for that alone, he was grateful to be alive.