Film Review: The Place Beyond the Pines (2012)

Derek Cianfrance’s crime drama, The Place Beyond the Pines, chronicles the lives of two fathers, one a cop named Avery (Bradley Cooper), the other a criminal named Luke (Ryan Gosling), and the effect their combined actions have on their two sons in the future.

The film is segmented into three parts, the first telling Luke’s story, the second Avery’s, and the third their 17-year-old sons’. Naturally, there is an incident that interconnects all the lead characters, and although the trajectory of the film is pretty predictable, the film is gripping and poignant from beginning to end. Luke’s segment of the film is by far the most riveting, followed by Avery’s, but the last one drags on for a bit too long and loses its focus.

If you’re looking for a serious crime drama with great acting and quality production values, The Place Beyond the Pines is a worthy choice, just make sure you’re prepared for over two hours of gloominess.


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