Film Review: Cloud Atlas (2012)

From the moment I heard about Cloud Atlas earlier this year, it’s been at the top of my list of movies to see. With a star-studded cast spanning six time periods and interconnected stories, I was eager to see how the joint effort between the Wachowski siblings and Tom Tykwer would pull off the ambitious job of weaving together all of the vignettes simultaneously with the principle actors playing multiple diverse roles, and to my delight, they pulled it off magnificently.

From what I’ve seen around the web, Cloud Atlas is getting mixed reviews, and this is not surprising. Those who loved it are praising it for its intricacy and portrayal of metaphysical themes, those who didn’t are saying it was a jumbled, meaningless mess. It is definitely one of those movies that requires the audience to pay attention, and be open to breaking the convention of a linear story.

It is the abstract structure of Cloud Atlas that will divide audiences, but as a metaphysical teacher, I thought it presented the concept of multiple aspects of the soul existing simultaneously throughout time very well, and effectively portrayed how souls always remain connected, playing different roles for one another throughout each incarnation just like a divine play.

So if you’re into metaphysics and spirituality, you will definitely have a greater appreciation for this movie than those who don’t, but overall, Cloud Atlas is a high quality production, and at the least, a unique, ambitious effort that should not be missed.


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