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The State of Now

February 23, 2011

Mammal I am,
To care I plan.
Love of thee,
Care of she.

In the end,
I will defend,
My right to say,
My path of way.

Blood runs through veins.
No gain without pain.
So meaningful in ink,
Real gold’s color is pink.

Although she may rule,
I make no fool,
Because I am me,
And she is she.

Through thick and thin,
Comes the hardship within.
To myself I stay true,
To my soul I rendezvous.

A sickening thought,
How we’ve fought and fought.
My shields I shed,
The worth is measured in lead.

I have no more
Fields surrounding my core.
For I dread
The times ahead.

Being without you
And the known few,
Who know what it is
To truly be alone
Without a friend or foe.
No one to say yes,
No one to say no.

The system’s message to Man:
Don’t figure out the plan!
Because it’s meant to be learned,
Not to be turned
Into a reasonable idea.
Go shop at IKEA!

The devil’s mind
To shrink and grind
Man’s admiration
And motivation.