Three Kings

Three men live together in an apartment in the city. Upon opening the refrigerator, the first man says, “Oh, how terrible, we have nothing to eat!” To which the second man replies, “Avast! For we have all of the food that we will ever need. With God as our supplier, our appetites shall never go unfulfilled.”

Soon thereafter, the third man enters the room with a large trash bag, having just arrived home from a business trip. “Look at what I have brought!” the third man says. The first man then opens the large trash bag, and sees dozens of little brown paper bags within it, filled to the brim with assorted breads, bagels, muffins, croissants, and other delights.

“My God,” the first man proclaims, “our prayers have been answered.”

“And to think,” the third man says, “the bakery was going to throw all of these away!”


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