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Boy Meets Girl

December 10, 2010

At night, a boy walks alone through the city, cold and scared. As he walks, he stares down at the cracks that divide each palette in the sidewalk, making sure not to step on any of them. Not one. Eventually, he approaches what appears to be a girl, sitting alone on a bench at the corner of the block.

“Hello,” says the boy with a smile.

“Hi,” mutters the girl quietly, facing the ground.

“Are you lost?” asks the boy, concerned.

“No,” says the girl. “I’m waiting for my dad.”

“Where is he?” asks the boy.

“I don’t know. He probably forgot about me again,” says the girl.

“Oh,” says the boy, looking down at the ground.

“What about you?” asks the girl.

The boy looks back up at the girl, “I’m looking for my mom.”

“Where is she supposed to be?” asks the girl.

“She told me to wait for her at the end of the block,” the boy says, “but I’ve been waiting for more than an hour.”

“Oh,” says the girl. “Are you scared?”

The boy nods his head.

“Well, it’s okay,” says the girl. “You can stay here with me.”

“Really?” asks the boy.

“Of course. Here, sit down,” says the girl, making room on the bench.

“Thanks,” says the boy, sitting down next to her.

Minutes go by as the boy and the girl stare off into the street in complete silence.

“You know what I think?” says the girl.

The boy turns towards her.

“I think we were supposed to find each other.”

“You think so?” says the boy.

“Yes,” says the girl, putting her hand on his, “and I think everything’s going to be okay.”

The boy looks down at the girl’s hand on top of his, then looks back up at her.

“Me too,” says the boy with a smile.


Due Diligence

December 9, 2010

We are all capable of writing beautiful, profound words, for this ability exists within us naturally upon entering this world. It is merely a matter of releasing all external influence from your mind, and remembering who you truly are, a being of pure light and love.

Greed and ego are minions of fear, and they are unhealthy and unnecessary states of consciousness. We are happiest when we are free of negative thought, and work only for the satisfaction that lies within.

Writing comes naturally to those who do not require external acceptance of their thoughts and ideals. Let your inner voice ring true, and your pen will flow with the ease of the wind.

Three Kings

December 7, 2010

Three men live together in an apartment in the city. Upon opening the refrigerator, the first man says, “Oh, how terrible, we have nothing to eat!” To which the second man replies, “Avast! For we have all of the food that we will ever need. With God as our supplier, our appetites shall never go unfulfilled.”

Soon thereafter, the third man enters the room with a large trash bag, having just arrived home from a business trip. “Look at what I have brought!” the third man says. The first man then opens the large trash bag, and sees dozens of little brown paper bags within it, filled to the brim with assorted breads, bagels, muffins, croissants, and other delights.

“My God,” the first man proclaims, “our prayers have been answered.”

“And to think,” the third man says, “the bakery was going to throw all of these away!”

A Bedtime Affirmation

December 7, 2010

We are the radiant energy that heals the wounded,
We are the shining star that leads lost souls.
We are the bright sun that illuminates the darkest alley,
We are the spark that creates new from old.

Politically Correct

December 5, 2010

When I think of nature, I see beauty.
When I see nature, I think of ignorance.

When I think of learning, I see fascination.
When I see learning, I think of boredom.

When I think of adventure, I see exploration.
When I see adventure, I think of escape.

When I think of competition, I see brotherhood.
When I see competition, I think of ego.

When I think of people, I see community.
When I see people, I think of loneliness.

When I think of sovereignty, I think of mindfulness.
When I see sovereignty, I think of control.

When I think of freedom, I see compassion.
When I see freedom, I think of illusion.

When I think of love, I see kindness.
When I see love, I think of selfishness.

Are We There Yet?

December 3, 2010

When will policemen no longer patrol our streets? When will soldiers no longer fight? When will war cease to exist? When will everyone start looking out for one another, brace one another, rather than fear one another? This time can be now, but only if every being in the universe says so. Until then, we will remain in bondage, controlled by our egotistical nature.


December 3, 2010

May our cups overflow, and our moods be merry.
May our appetites be satisfied, and our heads be hairy.
May our freedom be granted, and our minds awakened.
May love conquer all, and pain and suffering forsaken.

Forever Young

December 1, 2010

We are all writers, musicians, artists, athletes, and scholars. It is only our external experiences that make us forget the Truth, and cause us to stray away from our true passions. When we stay true to ourselves, happiness is the only possible outcome.

It is important that we never forget, no matter what age we become, that our inner child still exists within us. The external world makes us think that we are supposed to act a particular way, and that we are supposed to desire money, power, and material possessions, but that couldn’t be further from the Truth.

Carnal pleasures come easily to those who do not require them. The force of non-resistance provides all that man needs, but of course, it is those who desire these pleasures the most who have the toughest time attaining them.

Let the burden of power fall upon those who need it most. Let them bask in their glory and bathe in their desire, so that they can eventually learn to live without it.

Let go.