In Moderation

There are times when a man must say, “Hey, I need me some inspiration, some creation!” and in that time, he reaches out to that special friend who is an enabler.

He says, “Here ye, I need me some of that medication, and I need it now. Chop chop before I break your unroyal kneecaps, peasant.”

And in that time, the friend speaks to the dragon, and he says, “Dragon, yes Dragon. You. With the scales and the fiery breath. You smell like a hooker’s toe, and it’s time to play a little game.”

“What is this game that you want to play, man-boy?” the dragon says.

And the man replies, “Oh, you didn’t just go there. Did you. Or did you? Because if you did, then we have to go hand-by-hand and foot-by-foot in a bout of wonder. And mystery. And sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches! Of the turkey flavor! And quite possibly, if you didn’t stop staring at my curly blondelocks of lion master hair, then we’d have ourselves a showdown.”


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