The Undercover Samurai

There’s this cozy little cafe that I like to go to for lunch, and one of the employees who works there is this middle-aged Asian man, who I swear must be a samurai.

He looks to be the right age and have the same body type as the stereotypical samurai, and he wears his jeans high up on his waist just like a Japanese martial artist. Just from the way he walks and interacts, I can tell that he is a well-disciplined person, and he has this genuine, complete calmness to him, that only a great master could possess.

My guess is that he came to Thailand after a battle went awry, and his village was in danger from the neighboring ninja clan, so he had to quickly flee to the nearest safe country. Now, he works at the local cafe, disguising himself in civilian clothing, and leaving his whole violent samurai past behind.

And man, does he make a good banana fruit shake.


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